First Day on the Job

Yesterday was the first day of my internship at the Greyrock Review. It was a typical first day — nerve-racking, exciting, anticipatory, and full of anxious energy. There are ten of us (all women) on my publishing team and we have one graduate adviser. Our adviser gave us the run-down on what we’ll be doing for the next semester and gave us a brief introduction to the genre of the literary magazine, or “litmag,” as she called it. Our first semester will consist of learning the skills necessary to put together a magazine and the second semester will culminate in the creation of a true litmag.

Greyrock is an entirely student-run operation where we will be starting from scratch and eventually creating an entirely unique litmag full of student writing and art. There are four sections: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. The publishing interns at Greyrock will each take on a specific role in order to complete the entire process of publishing our very own literary journal. Our advisor, Kristin, showed us some past copies of Greyrock, and they each look entirely different from one another, which is exciting to me because, as a staff, we will be able to pick and choose certain tactics that have been successful in the past and also make our edition unique and specific to this year.

My first task for this internship is to apply for the position that I want. I spent nearly all of last night contemplating the best fit for me and trying to decide what my niche will be. There are positions for a managing editor, a head editor for each department, an associate editor for each department (two for fiction and poetry), and a graphic designer. I know that I wouldn’t be well-suited for the graphic design position because that’s not my background, but I’m having a hard time deciding among the other positions because they all sound like they would be beneficial and valuable to me.

My first choice is most likely going to be managing editor, mainly because I’m simultaneously doing this thesis and I think that position will provide me with more experience in the world of publishing and more topics to write about on this blog. The managing editor will be in charge of meeting with each department, making sure deadlines are met, overseeing fundraising efforts, running the Greyrock Literary Club, and planning the reception of submissions and the release party at the end of the year. These all sound like tasks that would give me the most experience overall and a better idea of the many duties that come with working in a publishing company, which will be extremely useful to me when I’m applying for my future career.

If the managing editor position is unavailable, I will apply for fiction editor or nonfiction editor. I think that either of these positions will also provide me with essential leadership skills in publishing and true editing experience that will be useful in the future. I think I’m leaning more toward the fiction editor position simply because I was published in the fiction section of Greyrock last year and I’d be interested to see what went on behind the scenes for that to happen.

All in all, my first week on the job at Greyrock has shown me that I’m going to have a lot of responsibility in this internship (no matter which position I get) and that my opinion is truly going to matter in the creation of this litmag. I’m excited to see where I’m placed, to dive right in, and to start learning what goes on behind the scenes at a publishing company. I think this internship will be a great opportunity and fit for me!


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