Labor Day

Yesterday, the university was closed, so we did not attend our Greyrock Review internship, but our position applications were due. I spent a lot of time this week deciding which positions I would apply for (we had to choose our top three choices) and speaking with the other interns to hear what they are interested in and which departments they want to work with.

I ran into a fellow intern on my way to class last week and we briefly chatted about our expectations for position selection, which will be happening over the next week and which we will find out about next Monday. She mentioned to me that she was interested in the Poetry Editor position, which heads the poetry department, and I mentioned that she would be perfect for the job due to her extensive background in writing, performing, and editing poetry. The intern then intimated to me that she thought I should apply for the Managing Editor position at Greyrock because of her observations of my leadership skills in classes and my experience as editor-in-chief of the Honors literary magazine Spiritus Mundi. This interaction, and many similar ones this week, demonstrated to me that many Greyrock interns see this internship as a growth experience for themselves, as well as for one another. The intern mentioned here did not see the position application as a competition but as a way for each person to find their niche and lead through their own experiences, personalities, and passions.

After a lot of contemplation about my time, my prior commitments (like this thesis project), and my passion for publishing, I have decided that the best fit for me will be the Managing Editor position. I believe that this job will provide me with the most holistic look behind the scenes of the production of a literary magazine because I will be communicating with members of every department and managing the publication overall. I believe that the Managing Editor will provide me with the best insight into the inner workings of the publishing industry, which will allow me more space for research, interview opportunities, and information to create this thesis.

For my other two position preferences, I indicated my interest in Fiction Editor and Nonfiction Editor, respectively. I believe that if someone else is more qualified for the Managing Editor position, these two options could be a close second because they would allow me to work directly with the Managing Editor and head a genre I care about. I simply placed Fiction Editor before Nonfiction Editor because I had a short story published in the fiction section of Greyrock last year, so I thought it would be interesting to see the work that went into that publication.

While Greyrock did not meet this week due to the Labor Day holiday, I spent a lot of time considering, talking about, and working on my position application. I updated my resume to include relevant work experience (especially my freelance editing work, my time as editor-in-chief of Spiritus Mundi, and my experience with editing at the Rocky Mountain Collegian) and created a cover letter tailored to my desire for the Managing Editor job. Now, all I can do is wait until next week to find out where I’ll be placed! Whichever position is chosen for me, I know that I’ll get important publishing and leadership experience and that I’ll have excellent material for my thesis on the culture of the Greyrock Review.

In the week before our next Greyrock meeting, I will be reading the first two chapters of FieldWorking: Reading and Writing Research by Bonnie Stone Sunstein and Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater. Make sure to look out for next week’s post, where I’m going to be applying ideas from the book into my internship research.


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