Managing Editor

This week at the Greyrock Review, each of the interns received their official positions, where we will be placed for the remainder of the year. The positions were posted on the overhead board when we entered the classroom and our graduate adviser thanked us for our above-and-beyond cover letters and resumes (she called us all “overachievers”) and told us that she had tried her best to give each of us at least one of the positions we applied for, if not our No. 1 choice.

I noticed that about three or four team members seemed quite pleased with their positions (based on their open body language, smiles, and sighs of relief) and a few were quiet and reserved, which led me to believe that they did not get their top job choice. It was obvious that no one would say anything about their disappointment in front of the entire room, but I would be curious to hear from these individuals what they were thinking and whether they might have chosen to speak with our graduate adviser about changing positions. (I will try to incorporate these questions into interviews with my fellow interns if they choose to help me out with this thesis.)

However, I fall into the “quite pleased” category here. I have fortunately been provided the Managing Editor position, which was my first choice on my application. This means that I will be in charge of check-ins with each editorial team (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) and our graphic designer, communications with contributors (getting their contracts and notes and sending them proofs), working with the printing company to schedule deadlines and fundraising costs, and doing the final proofread of the completed literary journal. I will also be the president of the Greyrock Literary Club, which is the organization (separate from the Review) that will meet publicly and collect funding for the production of our litmag. My immediate responsibilities for my leadership part in the club include club registration with CSU, attending a club officer orientation with the SLiCE program (Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement), scheduling our fundraising efforts (such as volunteering for RamRide, which will allow student government to fund our organization), and sending emails to the SLiCE office for clarification on several of the team’s questions.

I spent last night registering the Greyrock Literary Club as a CSU student organization on the SLiCE website. In order to count as a club, an organization has to be registered, have a valid constitution, and advertise at least two meetings that will be open to the public. We decided yesterday that we will have our open meetings on September 26, when we will discuss sending, receiving, and choosing submissions to Greyrock, and October 24, when we will have a visit from Stephanie G’Schwind again to discuss the application of a publishing internship in the real world.

I am also now in charge of communications between all members of Greyrock, so I used an app to connect everyone and start a group chat last night. Everyone seems very enthusiastic about finally getting started and delving into fundraising.

This week, all of the Greyrock interns seem much more confident and excited about this publishing internship. I think this is the first time we’ve had a chance to really chat about the little things that will make our journal unique (due to our field trip and then the Labor Day holiday). After work was over yesterday, everyone stayed a little longer to hash out details with one another and just to talk. I think everyone is beginning to make friends and see how the dynamic will work within the team this year.

Next week, we will be talking about fundraising and how clubs and literary journals get funding for publishing! (And I’ll hopefully finally get around to that research book I keep mentioning.) Stay tuned.


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